So you have just invested all this money into your amazing new what? Pool maintence is key. Follow these steps for a beautiful pool.

    1. Getting your water tested on a semi-regular basis is extremely important. We recommend taking a water sample down to the local Pinch A Penny and follow their protocal. 
    2.  Many people think chlorine is the only necessity with a pool but actually chlorine will not work as well if all your other chemicals are out of balance. Keeping proper alkalinity will keep your eyes from burning as well as keeping the chlorine working at its optimal potential.
    3. Calcium is very important for your pool equipment. Water erosion is very common and can ruin your pool equipment within a matter of years if calcium is kept at to low of a level.
    4. If you have a salt system you are aware that salt is converted into chlorine. When the salt gets to low the pool will quickly become green. 
    5. You should backwash your system atleast every other week.
    6. The Polaris should keep up with all the leaves and dirt but just in case it does not hurt to do a manual cleaning every other week as well. Rememeber to clean out the Polaris bag weekly.

Owning a pool does not have to be hard work. Learning proper maintence is crucial. Getting the basics down will help you have a wonderful pool and give you the time you deserve to enjoy it!

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