Standard Features

At Another Pool By Jack we use the best quality products available. When you order a custom pool it comes standard with:

* D.E. Filter

   - A diatematious earth filter helps your pool water attain the cleanest parts per million (3-5 ppm) than any other filter on the market.

* Salt System

   - Salt Chlorine Systems are the latest and greatest in the pool industry. It is much safer for your children, skin and hair. The best part about a salt system is that you have a 24 hour continuous flow of chlorine, keeping your pool from
ever going green!

* Vinyl Over Step

   - Carrying your vinyl liner up over the concrete steps is the "in" thing these days. It makes acrylic steps look like a thing of the past.

*Polaris Pool Cleaner

  - The only pool cleaner worth having. Jack installs this cleaner with it's own motor so that it has the ability to zoom around your pool without any hesitation. Unlike other cleaners this does not pull on your liner instead, it uses a combination of water pressure and speed to pick up all those little and big particles in the pool.

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